Bureau Odyssey / RCA


Risk assessment for future leisure activities


Platform 10 – Royal College of Art with Make by Þorpið, Glamour Et cetera, Thorunn Arnadottir and Nelly Ben Hayoun

“I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring. ” JG Ballard.

While experiencing the extreme Icelandic landscape with its geological properties and its subpolar oceanic, Bureau ODYSSEY reassess notion of risk and tourism in order to speculate on future wonders, parallel worlds, extrapolated tangents and cautionary tales.

Bureau ODYSSEY designs and performs various ‘promenades’ ranging from meeting with Ulysses and the Cyclops, or looking for moon dust and auroras through the lunettes of an aluminium whale. At the Bureau, we explore the extreme and thrill-propulsion.

We perform series of attractions/experiences/activities to question the horizon and its limits.
We test and assess the impossible and propose visions of new leisure activities.
We aim to meet with fantasy and imaginative Icelandic tales.
Our production is integrated against or with the environment.

Bureau ODYSSEY = For great risks in a hazardous environment.
Bureau ODYSSEY = For the trope of play
Bureau ODYSSEY = For activities deadly serious
Bureau ODYSSEY = For altering the physical, political and imaginative body





Áhættumat á afþreyingu framtíðarinnar

Ferðaskrifstofan ÓDYSSEIFUR veltir vöngum yfir áhættum og undrum framtíðarinnar, afsprengjum þeirra og vítum til varnaðar. ÓDYSSEIFUR lætur reyna á hið ómögulega og býður upp á nýja sýn í afþreyingariðnaði.

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