MAKE by Þorpið is a hands on project that relies on people and their ideas, energy and motivation. We are in the process of building and developing services and support for design and product development in East Iceland. For this to happen we need to trial what we have got, get in new ideas of what can be done and actively make it happen.

We started the project by preparing the ground locally in East Iceland and are now looking for people to enter the community and trial our model. A main philosophy of the project is to make use of what we have got both in terms of material resources and human resources and to enhance it with different perspectives. It is our mission to grow and develop specialised knowledge and skills in using the local materials.

We are already receiving individuals and groups that are interested in designing and developing their products in East Iceland, some which are interested in using local materials, others that want to work with the local companies, people interested in exploring the sociopolitical situation in East Iceland and also the ones that simply want to work on their design in the quiet and isolated surroundings of East Iceland.

In autumn 2012 the Make It Happen – Creative Thinking in East Iceland was held in East Iceland and it played a big role in shaping our international network. The network consists of all kinds of people from every direction that all share an interest and passion for integrating creative activities into communities. During the event a grassroots association was established around the topic.

The board is working hard on the details of the association and we will keep you posted as details unfold. The new member list is still being processed but below you can see a list of the tight group of individuals that have worked on establishing MAKE by Þorpið. If you are interested in being a member of the grassroot community please contact:

Our services are still developing and are organized on a case by case basis so if you are interested in the project, want to visit, ask or comment, please write us an email: and follow us on facebook. You can also see our FAQ.


SAM Félagið • The Grassroots Community

Board members:

Ingunn Þráinsdóttir (Chairman of the Board) • Graphic Design
Íris Lind Sævarsdóttir • Fine Arts & Arts Education
Steinrún Ótta Stefánsdóttir • Product Design
Markus Nolte • Prototyping Assistance & Wood Works
Ólöf Björk Bragadóttir (Lóa) • Visual Arts & Arts Education

Community Members:

Agla Stefánsdóttir • Fashion Design

Alice Masters • Videomaking

Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir • Creative Communities Project Management

Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir • Fashion Design

Bergþóra Arnórsdóttir • Project Management at East Iceland Education Centre

Björgvin Óskarsson • Metal & Wood Works

Bryndís Snjólfsdóttir • Various Crafts

Eirik Helgesen • Product Design

Freyja Jónsdóttir • Tailoring

Garðar Eyjólfsson • Contextual Design

Halla Ormarsdóttir • Tailoring

Helga Jósepsdóttir • Product Design

Hulda Eðvaldsdóttir • Gibbagibb sheep horn design

Ingunn Þráinsdóttir • Graphic Design

Íris Lind Sævarsdóttir • Fine Art

Karna Sigurðardóttir • Filmmaking, Photography and Strategy Development

Katla Steinsson • Management of Hús Handanna Art & Design Store

Katrín Jóhannesdóttir • Textiles Expertise

Klas Poulsen • Upholstery

Lára Vilbergsdóttir • Project Management & Education

Markus Nolte • Prototyping Assistance & Wood Works

Max Lamb • Furniture Design

Merilyn Keskula • Experiential Marketing

Ólöf Björk Bragadóttir (Lóa) • Visual Arts & Education

Pete Collard • Curation

Ríkey Kristjánsdóttir • Textile Design

Rósa Valtingoyer • Various Crafts & Management of Fish Factory project

Sebastian Ziegler • Filmmaking and Photography

Signý Ormarsdóttir • Management of Cultural Affairs East Iceland

Sigríður Björnsdóttir • Weaving

Sigrún Halla Unnarsdóttir • Fashion Design

Sigurður Ólafsson • Carpentry

Steinrún Ótta Stefánsdóttir • Product Design

Thibaut Allgayer • Industrial Design

Zdenek Patak • Design & Management of Fish Factory project

Þórhallur Árnason • Reindeer Bone and Antler Expertise

Þórunn Árnadóttir • Product Design

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