Creative Communities

MAKE by Þorpið is participating in a European Union education collaboration program along with Bornholm in Denmark and Nässjö in Sveden. Operating under then name Creative Communities in East Iceland.


The project is organized as a vocational programme run parallel to cluster development around „The Village“ a test project in East Iceland. The objective is to create a vocational culture within the cluster where artists/designers work with local companies/entrepreneurs on product development and innovation.

The region is proposing the project because of their tradition of design, art and industry. The objective is to strengthen the regions by meeting the need of unemployed people and harness their ample supply of knowledge/experience. By motivating these people we are able to connect experience with on-the-job training, skills validation and vocational education for other less skilled. Furthermore connecting craftsmanship with qualified designers and production companies.

The aim of the transfer of innovation Leonardo project „Creative communities“ is to strengthen vocational training, infrastructure, economy and innovative culture in relation to small industry, art, design and production in East-Iceland.

The main areas of knowledge that are expected to be transferred are product design in wool, reindeer leather and wood. Different exploitations of wood and textile, design with wool and/or reindeer leather, and both good and different methods used in marketing and process development for handcrafted or produced products. The aim is that designers and craftsmen in partners countries/regions, along with the manufacturing companies involved, learn new ways of working with their material and that the new knowledge and know how is something that will benefit the areas in years to come.


• To build up infrastructure and strengthen vocational training and education for craftsmen and product designers

• To connect professional designers, craftsmen skilled and unskilled, firms and educational institution

• To use the materials, knowledge and experience that are characteristic for the area, i.e. wood, wool and reindeer leather

• To provide knowledge on marketing of product design and crafts

• To define the elements creative communities needs to grow and bloom

Partners in Creative communities project.

The Development Centre of East Iceland Egilsstadir Iceland

The East Iceland Knowledge Network Egilsstadir Iceland

The East Iceland Cultural Board Egilsstadir Iceland

The Icelandic Forest Service Hallormsstaður Iceland

Miðás – Furniture manufactory Egilsstadir Island

CRT, centre for regional and tourists research Bornholm Danmark

Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen Copenhagen Danmark.

Nässjö -Träcentrum Kompetensutveckling Svergie.

Nässjö learning centre Svergie.

Filteriet Lögstör Nord Jylland Danmark.







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