About Make

MAKE Austurland is a design and development initiative in Iceland. The main focus is on facilitating cooperation between designers and local manufacturers and the materials available in East Iceland, with the aim to create projects and products that incorporate sustainability and design value.


Why East Iceland?

Austurland has a tradition for arts and crafts which offers both materials and skills that are specific to the area. The materials that are exclusive to Austurland are mainly wood and reindeer products and with them comes the skilled craftspeople who possess the knowledge & tools to work with the materials. The tradition is now developing into a forward thinking collaborative initiative that believes that design can give us so much more.

How can I get involved?

1.) You can help us promote the project. We need support from people for this project to succeed. The more people know about us the better the chances.

2.) You can apply for a residency. Developing products using local crafts people and materials or just use the prototyping workshops and be inspired by Iceland.

3.) You can register your interest to take part in one of our planned group projects. These have a specific goal and are usually run in collaboration with another development organisation.
NA10 is an example of this.

4.) We also offer paid education workshops that you can partake in.

5.) You can suggest a project to us or a way that you would like to get involved. If you are a design or a student group that’s interested in visiting us or collaboration with us don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Who is involved?

Local and international designers, local craftspeople, businesses, entrepreneurs, manufactures, museums and the local design store Hús Handanna along with East Iceland Development Centre, East Iceland Cultural council, East Iceland Education Centre, Innovation Centre Iceland, Iceland Design Centre and Iceland Academy of The Arts.

Is MAKE Austurland for you?

Are you curious about or interested in MAKE ? Then yes, it is for you. Also, if you are a designer/crafts person/maker that is passionate about working in Iceland within small communities on products that can make a difference and will support the local economy and society then MAKE is perfect for you.

What is the future of MAKE ?

MAKE Austurland is and will be what we all make of it. Yet, we have ideas about a professional platform for design and development with facilities such as workshops, residencies, studios, marketing and advertising services, consultancy services and a strong production network. We are not there yet, but our mission is to continue fostering collaboration between institutions, business and designers for it to happen.

What services & facilities does MAKE provide?

The short answer is that we will do our very best to make everything work out for you, and we are quite experienced in making things happen within our small community. We have a wood workshop up and running and other workshops are in the process of being activated. We can help arrange accommodation for the duration of your stay, a studio space to work from and access to exhibition venues. We also provide an access to distribution of finished products through the local design store Hús Handanna. The store focuses on locally made or designed products and has an international online store. Read more about Hús Handanna, or visit the online store

How do I apply?

MAKE is still in its start up phase and by participating you are, directly or indirectly, helping us to develop the project and build the facilities. We encourage you to answer the following questionnaire and send it to create@make.is


Who are you and what is your profession or skills?
What do you want to do with us, and when?
How can we make it happen together?
We are also curious how you heard about MAKE by Þorpið.