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In the good old 90s visitors in East Iceland did not have to worry about not finding local souvenirs to bring home. In fact, some visited us specifically to view and experience the wide selection of crafts that was produced in the area.

In 2002 a giant dam was built in the highlands of East Iceland for energy generation purposes and this marked a big change for the local community. The change happened fast and suddenly the community was bigger, franchises entered the local market, the economy grew fast with new employment opportunities resulting in a general mentality change in the community. Many smaller businesses were shut down including many of the local craft, art and design businesses. For a while hereafter it was near impossible to find local design and craft from East Iceland, which used to be referred to as a “cradle of craftmanship”.

When MAKE by Þorpið started in 2009 one of the priority focus projects was to open a sales centre mainly selling quality craft, art and design objects from East Iceland and also offering a selection of pieces from other parts of the country. Hús Handanna design store was opened in June 2010 and has been very successful on the visitors market as well as on the local market. The store is owned by local individuals and institutions that are passionate about East Iceland reviving it’s title as a cradle of craft, design and sustainable development. The sales centre is expanding and now also offers sales online.

Hús Handanna is a platform for the MAKE by Þorpið designers to bring a developed product to the market, be it product design, quality craft, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, graphics, textiles etc. It is a support and motivation for local crafts people to bring back their activities, restart the silenced machines, preserve their skills and knowledge and pass it on to a new generation.

If you have a product that is “Icelandic” in one way or another and would like to explore the possibilities of selling it in Hús Handanna please send us photos and information at create@make.is. New products are reviewed by the quality board fortnightly.


Hús Handanna
Miðvangi 1-3
700 Egilsstaðir
+354 471 2433

Mrs. Katla Steinsson
Manager of Hús Handanna
+ 354 862 4709

Mrs. Lára Vilbergsdóttir
The Chairman of The Board
+ 354 899 4373


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