Make – A Project

A starting point of this project is to make use of material and human resources in East Iceland and enhance it with international perspectives. The initial model is centered around tangible product development yet there are no limitations for what kind of design and development occur within the project.

The project is initiated by the East Iceland Support System together with Project Manager Mrs. Lára Vilbergsdóttir. The aim is to create a melting pot by bringing together people, businesses, museums and institutions that can, and are interested in contributing to design and development projects in East Iceland.

A platform for the activities are local workshops that specialize in different things. The first four are craft based product development workshops in Egilsstadir (wood and reindeer products), Seydisfjördur (wool), Borgarfjördur Eystra (stone) and the Fish Factory project: HERE creative centre in Stödvarfjördur

Some collaborative design projects are run by MAKE and other projects are run and organized by the participants themselves. MAKE is always hunting for new exciting collaborative projects.

MAKE is a valuable network of craftspeople and producers in the area. With time the aim is to have a production consultancy services in East Iceland that will, along with marketing consultancy services, support designers with local and international production.

Hús Handanna design store was opened in Egilsstadir in summer 2010 and will be opening an online store in 2012. This is a platform for products to be distributed and sold both locally and globally.

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