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Article by Ms. Karna Sigurðardóttir

The Norðaustan 10 exhibition was opened today at Epal Design Store. The house was crammed and the crowed seemed to be happy with what we had to offer. We would love to see you, show you the products and the imagery and tell you about the project. The exhibition is open all weekend as following:

Opið um helgina / Opening hours:
10:00 – 20:00 Mið/Wed
10:00 – 18:00 Fim og Fös/Thu & Fri
11:00 – 16:00 Lau/Sat
12:00 – 16:00 Sun

If you are press and want to know more – please contact

Norðaustan 10 in Epal

Article by Ms. Karna Sigurðardóttir

A breeze will be blowing from the northeast during Design March in Reykjavík

The project will be presented during Design March at Epal Design Store in Skeifan 6 where the products are showcased and stories of the process are told.

As our readers know the design is centered around the materials that are characteristic for the region of the East Fiords, and the ways in which the presence and usage of these limited resources can touch on practical and sociopolitical issues. These materials are Rhyolite Rock, Larch and Reindeer Leather along with Felt Wool. Casted aluminum from the controversial aluminum smelter in Reyðarfjörður has been combined with the natural materials and this act is the designers’ way to welcome the alien material into the flora of the local East Iceland Materials.

The project will be exhibited along side it’s sister project which has been run parallel to ours in Húsavík, North Iceland. In Húsavík in the design team focuses primarily on the production potentials of the local companies hence the design and material use is tailored to fit the production possibilities. Pallet material mixed with fishing nets, a birch collection of a local farmer and modular toys is among the topics touched on by the designers from North Iceland.

The designers in Húsavík are Product Designers Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson, Róshildur Jónsdóttir and Snæbjörn Stefánsson and Architect Brynhildur Guðlaugsdóttir.

A list of collaborating local businesses and entrepreneurs is: Álfasteinn in Borgarfjörður eystra, CH-pökkunarfélag in Húsavík, Freyja Jónsdóttir in Borgarfjörður eystra, Ísnet in Húsavík, Norðurvík in Húsavík, Trésmíðaverkstæði Þorpsins in Egilsstaðir, Technical Museum in Seyðisfjörður, Víkurraf in Húsavík and Víkursmíði in Húsavík.

Nú blæs hann hressilega að norðaustan.
Vöruþróunarverkefnið Norðaustan 10 verður kynnt í Epal. Afurðir verkefnisins verða sýndar og saga verkefnisins sögð. Verkefnið fór fram á Norður- og Austurlandi í haust, en þar unnu hönnuðir í samstarfi við fyrirtæki á svæðinu. Ætlunin er að stuðla að auknum möguleikum í vöruþróun og framleiðslu á hvoru svæði fyrir sig.

Presenting the prototypes

Article by Mr. Viktor Sebastian


The first prototypes have been presented to the local business leaders. Overall, there is a powerful positive will to work together to realise the products in a manufacturing form.

Now we will work on showcasing all our efforts at Design March 2012 in Reykjavik

Wood Prototypes

Article by Mr. Viktor Sebastian



The last stage of the project. Creating parts for the presentation prototypes.





Aluminium Experiments

Article by Mr. Viktor Sebastian


Back to Seyðisfjörður to the Technical Museum of East Iceland where Mr. Pétur Kristjánsson and Mr. Helgi Örn Pétursson were kind enough to assist us further with trying out some more ideas using icelandic aluminum.

Ms.Karna Sigurðardóttir doning the Alcoa spacesuit for added protection against molten hot liquids.

The main idea being explored here is trying to find a use for “useless” cracked Larch logs.