Design East Iceland

Design East Iceland

An old rumour says that some (possibly local) people believe that Iceland’s capital should have been located in the middle of East Iceland where now is a village of two-thousand-plus inhabitants named Egilsstaðir. People reason the idea on the stable geographical situation, weather conditions, the proximity of good harbours and other general qualities of the area. The idea might sound exciting but the fact is that if it was a big city (relative to Icelandic standards) it would probably not be what we believe is ideal for MAKE by Þorpið. Also, we love having Reykjavík only an hour flight or a lovely eight-hour roadtrip away from here giving us a reason for an exciting city visit once in a while.

Here are a few reasons why East Iceland is perfect for a creative community:

• A big area with few people.

• A tradition for craftsmanship.

• The only location in Iceland that has reindeers.

• Material resources such as reindeer products, rhyolite, wood and Icelandic wool.

• A new material just entered the local materials; Aluminium.

• The local community is interested in MAKE by Þorpið and are willing to help contribute to its success.

• A strong support system with hard working individuals that are making MAKE by Þorpið happen.

• Easy access to companies, workshops & people.

• Is an area of opportunity because due to it’s size, things happen fast and efficiently.

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