The Lost Mitten

Vötturinn • The Lost Mitten

A long time ago in a valley by Lake Lagarfljót an unfortunate Icelander must have lost a mitten. A little less long ago a fortunate archaeologist discovered it. That was in 1889 at farm Arnheiðarstaðir, one of the Icelandic farms that have been habituated constantly since the settlement. The mitten was found deep in earth where the former farmhouse had been located and at first sight it looked like a common farmers glove made from knitted wool. At a closer look the mitten was not knitted but build with a technique called needle coiling which is performed with a needle and correlates to crochet.

The mitten that was lost in 10th century and found in 1889 is now amongst the best known mittens in the country and is carefully kept and showcased at the National Museum of Iceland. The mitten is not only an important artifact preserving a way of being, but it’s presence also preserves a technique, a way of doing. The local crafts association Droplaug hið Fljótsdælzka handverksfélag has now reconstructed the mitten and is producing it in limited edition for the sake of reviving the technique of needle coiling in the area and celebrating the history of their region.

By expanding knowledge and skills on materials, methods and traditions in the area we are leading new potential opportunities for design and production related projects. The more people are aware and active in the field of design and craft the better we can prepare the platform that MAKE by Þorpið is aiming for. It will be curious to see how this project develops in conjunction with new designs.



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